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This is a wiki for my monster girl worldbuild. Hope you enjoy it. Here’s my world’s backstory

The sex goddess Min defeated her father El in a 10,000 year war. She then kept him on his only interesting creation, Earth, on a mountain in the Himalayas, guarded by some of her lion mages. In order to proceed with her plans of uniting humanity with love, she turns 30% of all animal life into attractive monsters who want nothing more then to pair up with humans. But at first Min became disappointed as humans were scared of and killed many of them, viewing them as ferocious demons. As she wanted to completely annihilate humanity out of anger,one of her sphinxes convinced her to wait for a time, in hopes that humans might come to their heads. So she agreed and waited around 5,000 years and when the time had come, the sex goddess was overjoyed as monsters and humans had united together and began building civilizations. Her happiness and lustfulness returned and she came to earth as a lamia and set built a colony in the South Pacific.

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Fog Islands

Tala Archipalego


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  • new page Golem Bug
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    New page: An insectoid-like monster girl used by inhabitants of the Tega to protect children from monster attacks, their lower body seems to be a wide shield...
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    New page: An aggressive race of Insectoid who live throughout earth and with smaller varieties in the Tega, they live in colonial families inside of trees or...
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    New page: A diverse race of tiny draconic humanoids, some living in the Tega and others on earth. Although tiny, males are rather aggressive and often fight...
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    New page: A highly populous ornithian of the Western Tega who inhabit cities in valleys and hillsides, they live by hunting some insectoid races and...
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